Sunday, September 27, 2009

Titles...My Greatest Weakness

Titles are amazing elements of writing. They are intended to tell a reader the basic idea of your entire piece of writing in a few short words or phrases. But they are also profound, witty, catchy, or otherwise memorable.

Which is why they are so exceptionally difficult for me. I'm always searching for those few perfect words that will cause someone to want to read my piece (whether essay, novel, poem, or anything else), as well as be something they will remember when they are telling their friends about it. And those few perfect words always seem to elude me. I can recognize a perfect title; it's full meaning is usually embedded in a line or phrase somewhere within the writing itself that seems to perfectly sum up the theme or main point of the writing. But maybe I'm not an experienced enough writer to find those perfect words in my own writing. Or maybe I just don't recognize them because I'm too close to the piece of writing. Regardless of the reason, I usually end up relying on allusions to other titles or famous phrases, or using an absolutely awful working title (like my current novel, Anna's Story. Terrible!).

Which is where I come to my blog. Right now it is titled "Heidi's Writing Blog." Well, my title is clear enough, but talk about BORING! I want something witty or catchy, something that all you readers will always remember when telling a new friend that they just have to check out my blog.

In short, I need your help. Titles are my weakness. So help me out. Give me some suggestions for a better title for this blog. Just remember that if you don't want me to use it, don't post it. But I would appreciate any help I can get. And maybe, just maybe, someday your assistance will help me turn my weakness into a strength. That's when I'll know I have "arrived."