Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

So I've never really understood the purpose of New Year's Resolutions because I believe you should be trying to improve yourself all the time, not just once a year. And if you set a new goal, and then fall out of the habit of something, you should try to re-establish the habit relatively soon rather than wait months for the new year to roll around.

However, in keeping with other people's traditions, I have listed my "New Year's Resolutions" below. Mostly, they are just things I want to improve upon that happen to coincide with the new year. Some of them you'll care about, and some of them will interest you very little. But (at least for me) you seem to work more diligently to keep your goals when you write them down because now you are "accountable" for them.

1. To start off with a couple of obvious ones, I will write more consistently on my novels/stories/other ideas. I was in a pretty good daily habit for 6 or 8 weeks, then unexpected life hit and it all went out the window. But I am happy to say that I have been doing much better the last week or two.

2. I will maintain my blog better. Again, when life hit, all my writing suffered. I was pleased to find a few of you were worried I fell off the face of the earth - which means I actually have a couple of people who follow my blog. Right now my goal is to post at least weekly. I have a hard time doing more than that because I am still new to this and have a difficult time thinking of topics.

3. I will exercise 2 to 3 times a week. Of all my resolutions, this one will probably kill me the most. Anyone who knows me will say, "What do you need to exercise for?" Well, I am definitely not trying to lose weight, but I do need to maintain my health. Right now, I do practically nothing, especially since it is winter because I absolutely ABHOR the cold.  But my husband got me Wii Fit and another program, so I don't have an excuse anymore. And I'm hoping that they are something that my two-year-old can do with me too. Admittedly, this is a commitment I still need to actually start...

4. I will keep my daily "good thing" report. Again, a couple of months ago, anything writing-related fell apart. I was writing quite consistently every night about one good/fun/funny thing my son did that day. The idea was that when I had a rough day, I could go back and read about all the things that made being a stay-at-home Mom worth it. But I have not put in an entry for a couple of months, and I know there are a lot of things that I have missed during that time. I need to get back to those little quick reminders for myself and for my son.

So those are my goals for the next year. Feel free to check in with me every once in a while and see how I'm doing. Maybe that unexpected randomness will actually help keep me on track.