Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Multiple Projects at Once

I think I've said before that I am the atypical writer. I don't have a proliferation of ideas floating around in my head.  Mostly the only ideas I feel are worth exploring intensively are occasional dreams that I have. So that usually means I work on one thing at a time.

Supposedly though, most writers are working on several projects at a time. I never understood how they could do that because I want to make something just right before I move on. But I had a good friend who enlightened me.

I've been working on my historical romance for a long time. Most recently I've been trying to re-write and revise different parts of it. But my friend, Jayrod (http://the1stog.blogspot.com/), helped me realize that I've been working on this so long (years) that my skills and abilities have drastically increased since I started the project. It's not that I can't make my novel perfect, because I certainly can, but it will actually take more work to polish and improve what I wrote before than it would to just start something new from scratch.

Another aspect of the revision I realized myself was that it takes me a lot of focus and concentration to revise how I want to, not to mention the time involved. I've been so worried about taking care of my family and creating lesson plans for this year of teaching that it's been hard to give the attention my revision needs.

Long story short, Jayrod convinced me to start a new novel. Mostly I just need a little break. (I'll come back to the other one in the summer when I can focus on it better.)  So I just started a paranormal romance - at least that's the best genre description I could come up with for it.  And I'm really excited about it. Jayrod also helped me talk out some ideas and possibilities for the storyline...and it's going to be AWESOME. It centers around an evil necklace. Intrigued? I'll keep you posted.